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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Touring HK, Talking About Finland

Some visuals from the previous Sunday when this friend from Finland asked What's up for my Weekends? He was interested in checking out somewhere he had yet to visit before the end of his exchange term so I decided to show him around my estate and I'm glad that he enjoyed the day, and the his 港式冻奶茶 + 五香肉丁公仔面 + 菠萝油 I ordered for him from the popular hidden little hole he exclaimed he would never have been able to locate if he had came alone, as much as I enjoyed listening to things about his country. Now I have a much clearer picture of Finland, a country I knew nothing more than beyond it's name & flag previously. While he said that there's really nothing spectacular about the place, everything already sounded amazing to me.


Anonymous said...

Why do you always only drink coffee? The coffee you drink is probably black coffee right? Cuz it's the only drink you can find that has the lowest calories and with no millk or sugar, and it raises your metabolism? I've been there. But I realize all that nonsense doesn't work/causes you more harm if you don't even put food into your system first! Please eat whatever that angmoh dude ate!!!

Joyce Kwok said...

I'm just used to having my daily coffee fix for the morning perk (won't get when I'm awake enough/if it's past late afternoon cause i won't be able to sleep properly/ any more than a cup too cause i don't want to become over reliant on coffee to be awake) & simply never post pics of my nothing-special everyday meals :)