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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

JCCAC Handicraft Fair

What/ JCCAC Handicraft Fair 22-23.3.2014
Where/ Jocket Club Creative Arts Centre

Mood & Feelings/ Merely attracted to attend by the word 'Handicraft', half being absolutely clueless as of what to expect and half leaning towards the possibility of it being a kiddy hands-on craft carnival (which I totally wouldn't mind too), we were simply impressed by number of participating vendors as well as all the stuff they had brought to share. Our conversations throughout the fair were almost just 'Oh gosh look at that... You've got to see this... Sorry, I'm still stuck right here cause it's too cool...' and 'You drew/made this yourself?!... You're amazing...'.

Extras/ Silly me casually asked a vendor who's an illustrator selling her hand drawn stickers and cards etc. if it's possible to do a drawing of us and she gladly did Yay! As what Karen calls it, happy us got to bring home our own drawn polariod. Oh and of course, not forgetting the matching candid photo up there ^ that cracked us up.

[You can check out some of the vendors over here & more of JCCAC's upcoming events over here.]


Anonymous said...

both you and karen are really pretty! How old is she?

Joyce Kwok said...

You're too kind to me but oh boy yes, she's so pretty! 23 this years :)