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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Yesterday & Bits of Today

All I've been wanting to do is to utilize my remaining time over here to the fullest, doing things I can only doing here, also exactly what I've been occupying myself with - 1) spending time with people I'll miss the most/be able to see lesser of when I'm back in Singapore 2) city-wandering, visiting and re-visiting my favourite areas, taking in my favourite vibes of my favourite city; enjoying moments of just Hong Kong & I.

Pictures above: yesterday's evening with WanTing, today's day out with Anna

A little highlight: Never felt so drawn to an instructor through my university life till this exchange semester. Emailed her to ask if we could meet up and was so excited when she proposed for a proper 1-to-1 lunch date. Actually it was more of nerve wrecking since there was really no agenda on my mind besides simply wanting to see her cause I'll definitely miss her and to say Thank You. In the end, though I was still very nervous, awkwardness was all aside and we went on chit chatting on about almost everything. The heartfelt things she shared with me till letting her time over-run, telling me she enjoyed her afternoon a lot just made me feel even more starstruck. It's like those primary school days where you'd have a favourite teacher and you dance in your heart when that teacher makes you feel special.

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