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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Alchemist

Almost all the friends who had come over for exchange too had returned to their respective countries in May, when the semester officially ended, due to the expiry of their student permits/school residence. While I miss them so, I'm blessed with all the friendships I've forged with the local mates. Without any language or culture barriers, I mix with the local schoolmates a lot more relative to the other exchange students and have gotten much closer to a number of them since we met. It's funny how I feel so much more fitted in with them than with the schoolmates/people my age back in Singapore. Now that school's out, they're all too lovely to be planning day-outs with me and today Jephanie took me to a travel themed café where we skipped surface level stuff but truly talked, caught up and laughed for hours. Time flew by and now we're looking forward to the next meet up.

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