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Friday, June 06, 2014

Back In HK; note

So some time more than half a month ago, I met up with Victoria, who flew in from Singapore that morning, at the airport to set off for our #joyceyvickykimchy Korea adventure. It was such an adventure of... everything! Jeju Island, Udo Island, Busan, Seoul; charmed by each destination so very differently with their own unique and incomparable characters. The various lifestyles across the places each also gave us such a wholesome experience of everything. The wonderful travel companion returned to Hong Kong together with me for an extra 2 day of holidaying in the city. Sent her off this morning with a farewell hug, pampered myself with a 2 hour massage at the massage boutique I frequent and it's now time for some proper recollection of the splendid trip as I sort through the visuals and the daily notes jotted down in my little travel notebook. Will post them up so stay tuned! Oh and some point through the trip I stopped editing/filtering pictures I post on my Instagram feed but just posting them as they are. Not specifically an Instagram thing but just realized that I can get a little too fixated on the mobile device at times at the expense of real moments. Decided to let myself enjoy the most of wherever I am, whenever the moment, whatever I'm doing.  Maybe it's the vacation feeling that got into me or the air on Seongsan Ilchulbong 'Sunrise Peak', it's a good feeling nonetheless. Pardon the current messy raw feed now haha.

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