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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Teddy Dogs

Last but not least, some of my dogs (or bears I mean) encounters from that day. Bears, I'm pretty sure.


Althea K said...

please take care, dear.

Tams said...

Hi Joyce, may I know what modules do you take currently in HK? Are they all biz modules or you are taking other subjects too? Oh and just curious, how do you normally ask your friends to take photos for you? Cos your photos all seem pretty candid, haha! Or do they volunteer to take for you?

Thanks for answering, hehe!!! Enjoy HK!!

Joyce Kwok said...

Althea: Ty dear :)
Tams: Hi I'm taking 3 biz mods & 2 GE mods!

Anonymous said...

Hi joyce, what apps do you use to edit your photos on instagram?