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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Hong Kong


So we planned to meet up to do our own stuff (books to read, cards to write, journals to jot). Always thankful for friends whom I'm able to be comfortably silent with so we can always still hang even if we need some quiet time respectively or when we need to get down to get some stuff done individually. Just thought we'd settle down at any coffee house and it was a plus to have chanced upon a bakery with two especially dainty seats neatly cornered off from the rest of the store, perfect to house us for the next couple of hours. Walked through Victoria Park with more good talks before parting, all so fine. For tonight, I went to watch the latest Hong Kong movie in the cinema myself though it's really not my genre but simply because you can only get its all original version in Cantonese over here. Watching HK productions in the theatres back in Singapore is always lacking with the dubbing and censoring especially when I re-watch them in the original form and get to compare. That's why I always try to catch one over here if I've the time to do so just for a only-in-HK experience.

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