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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hong Kong


A sourdough lover, I returned once more for my bread fix at the best sourdough bakery (imo) in town this final morning of the trip. Not only do they do their sourdoughs in the authentic fashion, they offer such an uncommonly wide range of sourdoughs from the classics in different types and mix of flours to sweet and savoury selections with the balanced level of flavour where the taste of each ingredient is prominent yet not overpowering. Think green tea/orange peel & fig, parmesan, chocolate cranberry, nuts & currants, olives, red wine longan/lychee, apple with molasses, black tea & mango, spinach & cheese... just to name a few. My pick for today: their 90% rye sourdough, a weekend special. As stoked as I felt days before coming back to Hong Kong, I've been gradually feeling more heavy as I get nearer to my departure flight. It's not the kind of reluctance to go home at the end of a holiday but the sadness of having to leave home. The comforting thought is that we're nothing more than a ticket apart and I can always come home to this city, just like how I spontaneously flew back this trip cause I missed it so much.

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