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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

11/10/2014 Mid-afternoon through
Fiztroy Suburb - The Rose Street Artists' Market, Brunswick Street
Melbourne City's lanes & stores

Here's a final post on my Melbourne trip in October! Spent the last full day exploring some new areas and re-visiting some once more, not wanting to stop till every bit of energy was well used contrary to the initial thinking that I'd probably like to go slow and recharge on the final day. Our mid-day tea break mid-day at Rustica Sourdough was more than good enough to get me all ready to go again. The small space run by a small crew so friendly and dedicated to perfecting every detail of their little bakery café in an unpretentious but passionate manner makes it THE place to go for a cosy and intimate hang with your closest pals. That's on top of being one of the place to go for the best daily loaves around the estate. While I 'blog' as more of a form of reminisce and documentation for myself, I do hope that y'all who views enjoys my sharings :-)

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