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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

11/10/2014 Morning - Early-afternoon 
South Melbourne
Coventry Street, Chez Dré, South Melbourne Market 

Thanks to Allan, who knows the best spots I'd love and as importantly, the perfect time to be at each, I got to soak myself in Coventry Street and South Melbourne Market's vibes at their best; on a Saturday morning where all businesses and vendors are in full action, bringing out their best to serve the city's residences who're all about loving life and getting out of beds early to kick start yet another weekend beautifully. The air sure made it pretty easy to dump all little worries aside, except maybe having some trouble deciding on how to dig into those breakfasts that are too pretty to destroy and trying to not make too much of a mess when sliding those a-dollar-each oysters into our mouths. Oh and ugh wish I got more stuff from this furniture and homeware store but the-story-of-practicality-and-fragile-and-yadayada... at least I still left the store with a bunch of ceramic knobs so worthy of being protected like baby hamsters throughout the rest of the day ♡ 

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