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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Seoul, Korea

What/ Baseball match

How/ If you don't already know how the sport works, you can do some crash course on the net or through that baseball fan friend you have prior to the game or just forget about messing your brain, pick a team to support (preferably the one whose home stadium is the stadium where that match is held so you can gear up with their collectibles purchasable there), soak up the enthusiasm from the crowd and cheer along all together! Note: Online booking is only available for locals since identity cards are required to be presented upon collection. Tickets are open for sale at the respective stadiums 2 hours before the match and remember to bring along student validations for student pricing. Also, go for the cheapest seats cause while the view may be less fabulous, it's where the young i.e. the most energetic and fun crowd will be!

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