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Monday, July 28, 2014

Jeju-do, Chapter #1

Began our Korea adventure with Jeju-do, my favourite destination of the entire trip. Everything was so scenic and breathetaking, even videoing did little to capture the experience but it was my best attempt to. Then again, most of the time the beauty and peacefulness on the island just made me ditched the gadgets aside. I used to be too easily carried away perfecting shots (unknowingly) at the expense of THE moment. Now, it's always about finding the right balance of not being too fixated on the cameras till it's at the expense of enjoying the real moments, yet capturing just enough to help document and relive the good times. There are things I just wouldn't want to miss out in exchange for the perfect/'Instagram worthy' photograph. In the case of Jeju, it'd be stuff like taking slow deep breaths of the air which I swear contains magic calming glitter powder, smelling the smell of the sea and the greeting the smiles of the waving trees~ 
And common in other cases, the quality time with your companions there and then.

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