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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Semester B Week 12

When/ End of Week 12, left with one last teaching-week for the semester.

What have I been up to/ Accomplishing assignments projects & presentations, further deadlines & presentations to clear, clearing the path to prepare for the final examinations and unsurprisingly catching the killer-weeks sickness (feeling better today so here I am hooray). Also, trying to type the cantonese slang in text as well and quick as the youngsters over here cause I'm young ha ha ha in any case you're following me on Instagram and have been wondering what's with me and those canto captions.

Mood & Feelings/ The usual full fledge eagerness for the semester to be over is replaced by this bitter-sweet feeling this time round since celebrations of completions signal not just the nearing to the end of the school term, but also my exchange in CityU. Funny how I feel more comfortable with the school life and people over here than back in SMU. Will miss the entire university experience dearly especially my favourite local schoolmates, like Flora & Anna in the above who have been of so much laugh and help to me, and my favourite instructor Raine. Till now, I still wouldn't say I've got a specially close school clique back in Singapore yet I've found you guys during my short period over here. It's so dear to me! Seriously need to have some outings after the semester, before I leave and yes we will keep in touch and I will be back! As of right now at this moment 2:21 AM, I'm exhausted exhausted half-recovered. It's ok cause it's along with feeling productive which I'd prefer anytime to feeling very energetic from unproductivity. Both of my best friends will know well enough that their favourite pastime of lazing in bed is one of the worst thing to make me do >.<

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Ur best friend who NEEDS to nua said...

hahaha lazing around now!~