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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Puppets & Bears

When I went to catch the finale run of The Musical "Avenue Q" by Windmill Grass Theatre followed by having one of the most relaxing evening filled with heart-to-heart talks and of course the humming of tunes from the play earlier on with Aunt Serina & when a fellow Singapore schoolmate - Melissa - whom I've always seen around but never had the chance to interact proper with, buzzed me up for a meet up since she's over in Hong Kong for a birthday party :-) Isn't that pistchio bear so cute? Oh boy, would love to have one of those grass teddy/bunny figures from their fleuriste which are even cuter.


Anonymous said...

Have always wanted to ask, do you have all colors for the h&m flats.. You're always wearing different colors of the same design that i believe is from h&m?? Haha

Joyce Kwok said...

Oh no got caught by observant you! Hahaha but yes they're my staples!! have almost all the colours besides those I won't wear :p from h&m/Topshop/gap & in fact it's alrd the xth no. pair for some colours eg I'm alrd on my 7th pair for just the black ones hahaha!! my friends alrd don't bothering stopping me cause they know I'll still get em >.<