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Thursday, March 06, 2014


(Some might have already known via my instagram that) I received one of the biggest surprise ever on Tuesday morning when I was awakened by bestfriend Fay, in person, right by my bedside, with me still in my pyjamas snuggling under the bedsheets! Weren't we just texting before I fell asleep the night before and aren't you supposed to be having a project meeting in Singapore now?! Skipping the whole recovery from shock process, I've been holidaying with her since that moment besides a mid-term test I had to sit for and she kindly went to school with me for but it's all good cause now she can better relate to a typical school day of mine over here whenever we talk about it. Ok, got to go cherish every precious moment I have with her (before-bed chit-chat session right now xoxo) ♡! Stay tune for the many more pictures to come~

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