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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fooling Fooding Around The Slopes

Thumbs Up Burger . Thumbs Up Wrap . Thumbs Up Afternoon


ling ling said...

Hi Joyce!

May I know where is the vegetable wrap from? It looks good!!! :)

Haha anyway, I will be going for my exchange in HK in September and am really excited! Would want to ask you, do you go around alone in HK? :)

Joyce Kwok said...

Hi! From Just Salad where you can customize wraps but srsly hk has so much of everything you can find everything easily everywhere! Niceeeee hope you'll enjoy & yup I always go arnd alone daily in town areas/estates/goofing arnd almost everywhere haha whenever I'm not having meet ups (unless it's too cold hehe) ^^