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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Yum Cha Our Way

Have been longing to meet up with Karen ever since we were both more able to, with a more settled down schedule etc. but the climate... Finally, and hurriedly, made plans as soon as the temperature was forecasted to go up by a whole lot during Tuesday's day time (before taking a dip back down in the evening till at least tomorrow probably). Can't be any more glad to have spent the highly treasured warmth the way we did! Not to mention at such a lovely corner - Teakha - located in my favourite district.

. 'Good Fortune' Tea . Their Valentine's specialty - Keemun Rose Tea with Frothed Milk & Local Honey. Green Tea Cheesecake .

Y'know that funny feeling of missing someone you haven't see for some time, only to find yourself missing them even more right after a catch-up that seemed barely enough? Exactly. Our Goodbye hug in the heart of Soho, at the mid-section of the escalator, just left us both very oh so excited about all many more dates to come!

*Side (but big) note: I lost my entire wallet. Almost certain that I dropped it rather than it being pick-pocketed so though already a whole good time gone along with my chances of getting it back, still please help me pray for the impossible. Pray that the finder will ultimately have the compassion to return especially the identification cards and documents which are really worthless to any other person but will save me so much trouble and if so, return it wisely to authorities who can contact me accordingly. Thank you & thank you in advance my good samaritan.

**Update: Praise the Lord! Just collected my wallet with everything inside from the girl who found, kept it and tried all her means to contact me via social media (commenting on my Instagram, Facebook messaged me, leaving comments right on this post itself)! Thank you dear, enjoy the tin of cookies! Though I've already reported losses and proceeded with the irreversible applications/re-issues of most cards, I wouldn't trade all the less trouble for yet another amazing experience of God :-)


sa110701 said...

hello!!! i found your wallet and have contacted you for several times but u didnt see it:( check facebook inbox abd contact me!!

sa110701 said...

Hello I found your wallet on the minibus yesterday night!
I have contacted you for a few times but you didnt see it:(
Sorry I am so busy these days so I cannot give it to the police station...
Please check your facebook as soon as possible!
I am a HKU student I hope this can make you feel more safe!:D
please contact me!!