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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Panino Giusto

The climate took a sudden drop to single digits this week; down along went my mood. There's so much I want to do, so many places I want to go, people I want to hang out with (deterred from making plans with others thinking what if it's too cold but I've promised) yet they're all halted cause I'm terribly afraid of the cold. Even simple tasks become so undoable. So yeah, fidgety me have been feeling pretty trapped in the [home - school - quickly dash home] cycle, rather bummed, very paralyzed and kind of lonely. On the positive side: 1) Braving the cold to head out for a meet up yesterday was so worth it. The heart-to-heart talk over tea time under good natural light with a view made my soul warmer and more refreshed. Still, we had to go for some hot cosy chinese food for dinner to better warm the body thereafter. 2) I'm so thankful that I'm currently not on exchange in some other parts of the world way more freezing than here and however cold, I get to come home to a nice hot shower which can really be the highlight of my day.

Dear Weather Hong Kong,
Please get warmer as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,
summer loving girl.

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