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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Just Hanging Around

Mutual friends, Ivy and HanKee, happened to be over from Singapore at the same time! Both were on a really short getaway so it was really nice that we still managed to space out a common afternoon to get together. Ok, I have to admit that I'm terribly guilty for not having been to many tourist attractions of Hong Kong besides those that are also common paths of the locals. In fact many of the other exchange mates have already struck off much more attractions/landmarks/specific eateries on guide books' listings than me. While I'd still like to visit some for at least once to be less shameful, there's just too much in the non-touristy-everyday-HongKong itself that I love and find myself wandering to first. So yes, decided to bring the 2 friends to catch a glimpse of the city the way I see it. Brought them to Central Ferry Pier for some of the most authentic local flavours by the sea - Chee Cheong Fun in peanut sauce x sweet sauce x sesame seeds, a bowl of curry fishballs & those fish paste Siew Mais & beef balls also again in the mix of sauces the way the locals do it. Just head to the stalls at the gantry to Cheung Chau Island (Pier No. 5) and take your pick! Basically it's the full HK 茶餐厅 fare without all the frills in the freshest, to-go style. Then took them to roam about the other parts of the district by foot with an in between chill out time over some iced drinks. Was pretty anxious that I'll be too lousy a guide but glad that they enjoyed themselves, so did I :-)

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