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Friday, January 03, 2014

Hong Kong Exchange

Leaving Singapore's home, returning to Hong Kong's home.
Being away from family and friends over here, catching up with family and friends over there.
Missing the dearest people, meeting new people.
Exploring a city so familiar in whole new an unfamiliar way.
Looking forward to soaking in a fresh environment yet very anxious of some uncertainties.

Note to self: Remember to let loose and embrace and savour every moment to the fullest; especially to welcome the new discoveries and experiences the unplanned will lead me to with faith and positivity. Believe wholeheartedly that the whole trip will be nothing less than an amazing adventure.

To one of my favourite and closest to heart cities, here I come! See you tomorrow Hong Kong!


Anonymous said...

You going to hong kong for exchange? Which university you are going to? Is there alot pple applying?

Joyce Kwok said...

yup! city u! hmm i'm not too sure about that sorry!