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Friday, May 01, 2015

Hong Kong


To avoid the public holiday crowd yet make use of the day to do something extra holiday-ish, I set off on a solo adventure to look for goats. With barely anything more than the knowledge from Google that there's such a farm somewhere out there in that direction, (cut the whole hiked-mountains-and-crossed-waters-literally story short) I ultimately manage to meet the goats! As usual, my friends thought I was joking about going for it/crazy having gone all the way for it despite the uncertainties and inconveniences I faced along the way but I'm only thankful I did, especially having to see yet another lovely side of the country I haven't seen. Oh besides the goats, the farm planted a number of our common vegetables and I got to learn more about them from the farmers and see them in their growing form. Potted a little basil plant to bring home too.

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