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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Ballarat Wildlife Park
The happiest moment of my trip!!!

Felt like the luckiest girl on earth with Boo in my arms. She's my favourite and at that instant, everything was ok and rainbows were everywhere. As a bonus, Patrick was on the good side that day (like I mentioned previously, no promises but it all depends on the animals' well-being to meet visitors especially so for Patrick who's a very old and protected wombie) and the keepers were so kind they opened his doors for me to greet him and I even got to pat this celebrity 'Wombassador'! Definitely my biggest starstruck moment ever. Patrick the Wombat's the oldest common wombat who has been named by CNN as the #3 greatest city mascots in the world. P.S. Ballarat Wildlife Park's celebrating Wombat Day today, 26th October, right now! Wish I could be there for the party but nonetheless, I send y'all wombies and co. my greetings from Singapore!

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