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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Ballarat Wildlife Park

All the research to find out the best place to meet & great wombats, figuring out how to get there and catching the country trains operating on a much more sparse 2 hour+ interval timetable on weekends, and also missing the train back by one minute with the next train coming hours later (on hindsight, thanks to it we had the chance to explore more of Ballarat town), praying for good weather in the season of the most unpredictable along with a rainy forecast, being so nervous the night before so  much so that I woke up every other hour fearful of missing the alarm and just being too nervous (was texting my bestfriend back in Singapore and she called me silly and asked me to rest well but I just couldn't), hoping that I'll get to at the very least come close to those marsupials since it's a wildlife park unlike a big commercial zoo so there's no promises but it all depends on the animals' well-being and mood while you're there, everything, everything was all worth it when I got to have so much fun with wombies and friends at such close proximity, meet Patrick the Wombat, plus the opportunity to hug a living wombat tightly, right in my arms! Pictures of that in another post to come!

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