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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

22nd Birthday

A few pictures from my mini birthday surprise in advance, planned and put up by my 3 bestfriends with effort from my parents too! Loved every little detail but really, seeing my favourite people, who've all been terribly busy, taking time out to gather together for me itself was already more than heartwarming, more than I could ask for. Just wanted to spend the short precious time in quality with my dearest few and make everyone's time worthwhile so not much photos were taken besides the mandatory group/cake-cutting shots with individuals but oh I couldn't help snapping more when the cake baked by Fay was first presented to me. Ugh too cute!

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Anonymous said...

A bit late... but happy birthday! Wish you a lot of happiness, health and love for the next year! Thanks for your KL tips! I had a good shopping trip :-) Warm regards Fenny