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Friday, December 06, 2013

Freshly December

School's out, Praise the Lord! Already a miracle that I made it through the previous semester & once now again, my Year 3 Term 1! While school is really one huge mountain, it itself isn't really the toughest thing to deal with. I mean it is certainly very tough for a pea brainer like me but on top of it,  it's more of how it makes it very much more difficult to deal with other things/do things that are supposedly more meaningful than school cause of the amount of time & energy, both physical & mental, it zaps up. This month of break is going to be all about quality time with the dearest people I've been blessed with and to let myself live, love, laugh freely. Filling up my organizer & looking through it everyday is enough to get me excited. Maybe nothing THAT eventful but so long it's with my favourite people, any time together is special to me. Yes, more challenges this December as well but I shall let the goodness overcome them and of course learn to submit more to God in addition to giving thanks. Cheers to the festive month everyone!

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