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Monday, December 23, 2013

2 Days To Christmas

2 days leading up to Christmas...

- Victoria came over after a morning rain
- that left us with the perfect cool to spend an afternoon at home
- we watched 'Rise of the Guardians' on the sofa with brother dog napping beside us
- made chicken and chutney* sandwiches for lunch
- chit-chatted while enjoying the Christmas flavours and company :-)

*It's homemade Apple & Cranberry Chutney brilliant with Christmas cheeses and cold meats from Jasper, thoughtfully bottled in a round glass jar to resemble a Christmas ornament ball with a self-crafted label. Sooo good to my liking, it's the best chutney I've ever had. Those onion chunks and soft whole cranberries... Thank You Jasper!

Getting & lovin' the Christmasy feel~

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